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Lavin and Sons Limited is dedicated to providing its current and future customers with an exceptional level of service that exceeds their expectations. Our unwavering commitment is to always prioritise the best interests of our customers and continually improve our quality standards in all aspects of our work.

As part of our customer care policy, we ensure that our staff members interact with customers and clients in the following manner:

  • Delivering a high-quality service

  • Maintaining a courteous demeanour at all times

  • Displaying patience and understanding

  • Being considerate and flexible in meeting customer demands

  • Presenting themselves in professional attire

  • Wearing identification badges for easy identification

  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with colleagues

To ensure adherence to this policy, we actively monitor its implementation and hold periodic meetings to address any issues and propose improvements.

If a customer or client feels dissatisfied with our service, we encourage them to contact us. We have established a comprehensive complaints procedure, which involves the following steps:

  • Collecting all relevant details of the complaint

  • Acknowledging receipt of the complaint and providing an expected response date

  • Arranging a meeting with the appropriate staff members and management within five working days, if necessary

  • Taking appropriate disciplinary actions, if required

  • Informing the complainant of the outcome within ten working days of receiving the complaint

  • Making any necessary adjustments to our procedures and customer care policy

  • Maintaining customer complaints on file for a minimum of twenty-six weeks

We are committed to handling complaints effectively and using them as an opportunity to improve our services.

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