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Customer Care

Lavin and Sons Limited promise to its current and future customers to deliver a quality service and provide customer care that will at the very least exceed their expectations.

Our commitment is to at all times act in the customer’s best interest and to continuously improve 

our quality standards in every aspect.

Part of our care policy is to ensure that our staff deals with customers and clients in the following manner:

  • Provide a high-quality service

  • Courteous at all times

  • Polite and patient

  • Considerate & flexible to customers and clients demands

  • Professionally attired

  • Wear identification at all times

  • Liaise effectively & efficiently with colleagues

This policy will be monitored to ensure that our staff adheres to it and periodically meetings will be arranged to highlight any problems and suggest improvements in our policy.

Should any customer or client feel dissatisfied with our service they may contact us.

Complaints Procedures

The company’s procedure for dealing effectively with a complaint is to:

  • Take all details of the complaint

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint and indicate a date by which a response can be expected

  • Arrange a meeting with relevant staff members and management within five working days effect any disciplinary procedures, should they be required

  • Inform the complainant of the outcome within ten working days of receipt

  • Make any necessary adjustments to our procedures and or customer care policy

  • Keep customer complaints on file for no less than twenty-six weeks

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