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At Lavin and Sons Ltd, we prioritise the highest standards of Health & Safety to ensure the well-being of our employees and those who work with us. We are fully committed to maintaining and continuously improving Health & Safety practices throughout our company.

To achieve this, we prioritise ongoing staff training and effective communication of information related to Health & Safety. By providing comprehensive training, we enhance awareness and understanding among our team members.

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At Lavin and Sons Ltd, we place great importance on the professional development of our workforce. As a minimum requirement, all site-based staff hold CSCS cards, demonstrating their competence in construction-related skills. However, the majority of our team members also possess more specialised qualifications, such as CPCS certifications, to enhance their expertise in specific areas.

The whole work force have the appropriate qualifications and has completed the following training as a minimum:

  • Manual handling awareness

  • Control of substances hazardous to Health (COSHH) awareness

  • Asbestos awareness

  • Abrasive wheels awareness


It is the policy of Lavin and Sons Limited to conduct its activities with due regard for the Environment. It expects the same standards to apply at all locations where the company conducts its business. The purpose of the policy is to promote a proactive approach to minimise waste and damage to the Environment. This will be achieved, so far as is reasonably practicable, by the recycling of both green waste matter derived from grass-cuttings and shrub pruning, and wooded products derived from tree surgery and leaf collection.

The co-operation of those employed by the company both directly and indirectly in ensuring the policy is mandatory and the company insists that this obligation is met. The company will provide adequate resources so that the policy is effective. The Policy Document will be brought to the attention of all employees and is available for inspection at all premises controlled by the company. The Policy will be reviewed periodically to incorporate changes and remain 

Compliance with this policy will be monitored regularly and the policy itself will be reviewed annually.
To ensure continuing awareness of this policy, the following steps will be taken:

  • The policy will be copied to all employees before the commencement of employment

  • The induction programme will include training on the policy and how it should be implemented

  • A copy of the policy will be placed on all company notice boards

  • Feedback on compliance will be obtained via the annual staff survey.

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