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At Lavin and Sons Ltd we pride ourselves on delivering high levels of quality in all of our work. We endeavour to perform in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner, all the while striving for continual improvement and promoting a positive corporate image.


One of the most important aspects of our work is delivering high standards of quality, helping to ensure future business based on a strong reputation. The quality of our work is reflected in the relationships we build with our clients, long-term staff retention and low accident rates. 

We are able to achieve this with the help of the excellent people that we have working with us, who all contribute to our varied skill set. 

All our owned plant is replaced every three years, and our plant manager ensures that all machines have thorough examination certificates kept in date with regular servicing. All hired in plant is supplied by reputable plant hire companies and comes with full certification. All materials that we use are sourced from companies who have a proven track record of providing us with only the best levels of goods. All deliveries of materials are checked on site by our site supervisors. 

Quality within the company is overseen by the Managing Director and all members of staff are encouraged to deliver high standards of quality in their work.

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